Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kitchen Dancing

"Have you practiced this week?" the dancing instructor asks each week.  No, we haven't.  It's hard to practice when we don't see each other much. 

The local rec league offered ballroom dance classes, which some friends wanted to take.  But alas, too few couples enrolled; the class was in danger of being cancelled.  So they went on a recruiting mission.  That's how Gary and I ended up in dance classes for January and February.  Because of his mom's death and his dad's surgery, however, Gary missed two of the first four classes, and we're still playing catch-up.

So this week, we have [gasp] actually SEEN each other.  Y'know, been in the same place at the same time!  And we've looked at our cheat-sheet, tried to practice, and hunted up you-tube instructional videos to refresh what I couldn't decipher from our class notes.

Poor kitty.  The kitchen floor space is a whoppin' 5x10' area.  Rosie is wandering around the kitchen, begging snacks, looking to be petted, and she ends up getting bumped, trying to escape, and heading right back into the path of where we're ostensibly dancing.  Who would've thunk it would be hard to foxtrot and tango in 50 sq-ft of space?  With a cat tango-ing betwixt your feet? 


  1. I am smiling as I picture you. Phillip and I have taken a few ballroom dancing classes and it was so much fun. Good exercise, too! We need to do it again.

  2. Rob and I had a few dance lessons, and actually decided to buy four more at the regular price. That tells you we really wanted to do more. We've hunted up you-tube instructional videos and practiced in our dining room. Then he tore his calf muscle; then I went to Keyna; it's time we got back to this as well. Wonder if we can remember the foxtrot and tango.

  3. I'm smiling too, because Rob and I have pushed the dining room table/chairs to the corner of the room to make room to practice the foxtrot and tango and rhumba too. And we've hunted up the you-tube videos to refresh our memories. We've laughed at how pathetic we are at remembering even the most basic things. Right foot. first. which way. oh, that's you. I'm backwards. we forgot to hold our arms up. which foot? which way?

  4. I know, I know. I think it's funny how my math brain attempts to remember. I tell myself the foxtrot and the tango are the same thing, except the tango has three steps, then to-the-side, while the foxtrot has only two. The teacher did not appreciate my thought pattern. NO -- they're NOT the same except for one step. And I'm thinking, hey, if I can remember even that basic bit, bully for me!