Monday, December 17, 2012


Not like I wear make-up very often.  But I did want to look a little special for Gary's Christmas party at work on Saturday.  I might've spent a whole minute-and-a-half applying make-up that day.  Maybe even two minutes!

So Sunday afternoon my eyes started itching.  By bedtime they were beginning to be goopy.  This morning I headed off to work looking as if I'd been crying for hours.  After many trips to the bathroom to wash my eyes today, the redness has subsided and the itchiness is nearly gone.

Good-bye make-up.

I can't wear earrings anymore.
Pretty shoes are impossible.
My hair is thinning.
And now make-up is off-limits too.
I guess it's time for any remnants of vanity to be destroyed, eh?
Time to embrace the aging frumpiness....


  1. Was the make-up old? Old eye make-up is not something to mess with. Itchy, itch, itch!

  2. And always remember, Gary knows you're the most beautiful woman in the world.

  3. Yes, Meghan, it's old. Very old. I usually buy make-up about once a decade.

    Jane mentioned something about how it's not supposed to be more than 3 months old. THREE MONTHS???? With the price of that stuff, I don't even replace it every two years, much less four times a year!


    Oh, and Glenda, that's what he keeps saying. :-)

  4. When I was working, I wore make-up every day. A tube of mascara only lasts a few months when you're using it regularly like that.

    It's still hard to believe sometimes that I traded in long, well-groomed hair, high heels, business suits, and mascara for sweats, ponytails, and yellow rubber gloves. (I also traded in 10 hours/day in a gray cubicle, which I do NOT miss.)

  5. Who wants pretty hair and high heels and suits when you can snuggle Norah, laugh at Ikey, and be amazed by Audrey? Okay, so your new job is WAY more work than anybody imagines until she's doing it. The frustrations may be great, but the rewards are immeasurable!

  6. Wait a sec, Meghan. You traded in your mascara? You don't wear make-up now? C'mon, you really look THAT pretty with no make-up?! (You and Erin both.... Life is not fair!)

  7. I still wear make-up to church, but Monday through Saturday...not so much. It's just not worth it. The other day, Norah literally puked into my eyeball. This is my new life, and make-up does not fit into it! :)

    Once in a while, I'll wear some during the week to throw off Alex. It's rather comical when he does the double-take when he gets home in the evening. "Oh! You're wearing make-up. Right?"