Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So Many Dishes to Wash!

I think I washed dishes eight times on Tuesday before I asked one of the kids to help.

Wednesday looked to be another day full of dishes.  I knew I was going to be washing and drying bowls and knives and beaters and pots immediately after they were used so that they could be pressed into service for yet another cooking project.  Dishes dishes dishes!

So what's the problem here, really?

1.  I have food enough to dirty all these dishes and pans and spoons and mixing bowls.

2.  I have indoor plumbing and a seemingly endless supply of hot water to clean these dishes.

3.  I have dear people to feast with me tomorrow.  I'm not cooking for only one or two people.   There will be a big enough crowd around my table that I have plenty of kitchen work to consume two days in preparation.

So, what's the downside?  Sounds like a fabulous position to be in!

So bring on the hand cream!


  1. Do you use rubber gloves, Susan? I have an automatic dishwasher but I still get my hands in water enough that if I don't wear gloves they are red and raw within a couple of days in the winter.

    Happy cooking, feasting, and dishwashing!

  2. I do have rubber gloves. But I seldom wear them anymore. The only dish soap my hands can take is Palmolive. As long as I stick to that, I usually do okay. But yeah, with the amount of dishes in the last couple of days, I should've been using the gloves.