Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wisconsin Senate Race

Jeff Fitzgerald.

For all you undecideds, take a look at our Assembly Speaker. He stood firm with Gov Walker.

Granted, any of the four candidates will make a good Senator.  And I will vote for whoever is running against Tammy; she's all for bigger government, higher taxes, and more govt regulations.

But choosing between the four on Tuesday?  Tommy isn't as conservative as I'd like.  Mark has pulled some shenanigans in recent elections, so that he's not my top choice.  Hovde sounds good in many ways, but he's unproven; without a voting record (and being what I consider an out-of-stater) I have no way to know whether he's feeding me a line he thinks will gain my vote, or if he's genuine.

Jeff Fitzgerald has endured the nastiness thrown at him, and still has governed well.   I encourage you to vote for him on Tuesday.


  1. A friend posted this comment over on FB in response to this, and it was so helpful that I wanted to put it here too:

    Yes! I would add that his legislative experience is exactly what we need in DC. The Republicans of the WI Assembly are, frankly, a very mixed bag. The fact that they've been able to stand up the way they have in recent years is a testament to Jeff Fitzgerald's leadership. While we do love them so, our Senate has enough conservative firebrands, what we need is someone with the political skill to get the moderate old-guard Republicans on board with the firebrands to enact a real conservative agenda. Fitzgerald did it here, he can do it in DC.

  2. Many thanks for the recommendation. I will share this with my husband before we vote tomorrow :)