Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tomatoes are doing nicely.  Best year for peppers I've ever had.  We ate some awesome stuffed-pepper skillet the other day.

Maggie and I went to the science museum today.  They have a bed of nails to lie on (to demonstrate dispersion of pressure).  We tried it.  Prickly.  But not painful.

Bethany and Evan moved back to Madison.  You get a big ol' crew of workers on moving day, and yowza, the work goes fast!

Monday was a potluck tailgate party at the Brewers/Cubs game.  A whole bunch of people from church attended; it was one of the events for the 50th-anniversary celebration.  Fun night.  The best part was the home-run ball hit right to our section, the first major-league homer for that player.  Maggie has decided that she is a Cubs fan. 

This week and next I'm not scheduled for any extra hours at work.  I'm just working my own hours without any substituting.  I hope all the new tellers work out so that this stability-of-schedule lasts for a while.  This week I'm learning to balance the ATM.  Next week I will be trained on being a morning-opener.  New stuff -- hooray!

Maggie and I cleaned the garage.  Now I can use it for lunch tables for a baptism dinner someday soon.   :-)

Andrew started classes today.  Well, class.  He is taking only one this semester.  He still has his part-time pizza job.  Saturday is his first day of CNA-type home-visitation job.  

School (and thus chapel) starts next week.  Today was my last day to sleep past 6:30.  I should learn to go to bed in the evenings.


  1. Helen's. She is Bethany & Evan's daughter. Jane's granddaughter. (She's not here yet.)

  2. YAY! I get to see Susan!

    Auntie-to-be-on baby-watching duty,


  3. Also: it has been a very good year for peppers for me, too. Best pepper crop I have ever had.

    No tomatoes, though.

  4. Alrighty....that blessed event is coming very soon, right?