Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mini-MoPed Girl

Dear Neighbor,

I understand.  And I agree that most people are over-protective of children.  I understand that your 7-yr-old daughter is having a grand time zipping around the neighborhood in her new toy.  I understand that it's good for her to play outside instead of being zoned out in front of a television or video game.  I understand that a little freedom is important to her development.

But I have news for you.  A helmet is not enough protection for a child who is operating a motorized vehicle.  On public streets.  At 15-20 miles per hour. 

I assume your child does not have a license to operate.  After all, she's half the minimum driving age.  And her inability to notice oncoming traffic or to stop-&-look at intersections tells me that she'd fail a driving test if she were old enough to apply for a license.

I'm sure you are blissfully ignorant of how many close calls your daughter has had.  I doubt she realizes the close calls either.  Luckily the cars that she has come close to smashing into have seen her first, stopped, and sat still, waiting, while your daughter narrowly missed damaging their vehicles. And she goes on her merry way, unrattled.

I hope we can figure out who you are and where you live before the day the ambulance arrives.  I'd rather talk to you sooner instead of later.



  1. Yuck. Scary. I'm a free-range mommy, mostly, but that's just not right.

  2. Sigh... I don't understand how parents can be so irresponsible... I know they don't think they're being irresponsible. But it's like the kids here who ride their bikes around a parking lot (beside a VERY busy street) without any supervision whatsoever.

    Also, almost every single day that I get home from work, there are roughly 6 or 7 kids all riding bikes or scooters or skateboards in our lot. Our tiny lot. And they all see me when I pull in. And rather than get out of the way or stop, they just continue playing, like I'm not even there. Some of them even do it while staring right at me, like they're waiting for me to make a move. HELLOOOO - I AM A CAR - YOUR AUTOMATIC REACTION SHOULD BE: MOVE YOUR BUTT OUT OF THE LARGE, MOVING VEHICLE'S WAY.

    Some of these kids are probably getting close to 7. I'm sure their brains just aren't working properly, yet. When Katie is out with Alia, Alia doesn't listen nearly as well as she should in those situations, either.

    And if the kids are behaving when adults ARE around (not because they're intentionally trying to misbehave, but more because you can just tell they have no concept that bodily injury is headed their way)... good grief... I can't even fathom how parents can just let their kid loose to their own devices with 2+ ton fast moving vehicles around...


    Ahem. Sorry. You touched a nerve. :-) That's all I had to say...

    1. EDIT: And if the kids are NOT behaving when adults ARE around...