Monday, July 23, 2012

Plan for Exercise?

Over the past week, I finally succumbed to the idea that we could (should?) join a gym.  Maggie needs exercise.  We're not managing to make it happen.  What if we joined the gym that's about a mile from the house?  No more "it's too hot to go for an exercise-walk" or "it's too cold" during winter or "it's too rainy" (which we haven't had ANY problem with this summer).

Curves requires a year-long contract.  Snap doesn't.  Snap is less than half the distance as Curves.  So we dropped by today to sign up.  But registration had to be online.  And I couldn't register Maggie for the one-month-trial because she wasn't old enough.  When I asked the local gym, they suggested getting a free trial for me and then bringing Maggie as my guest.  But that means we'd have to be there only during the hours they are staffed which (given my work hours) gives us only two afternoons a week.  Not exactly a realistic trial.  But maybe better than nothing?

Maggie begged to not join.  (She really likes following the rules to a T.  And this would've involved several exceptions to the rules.)  We finally decided we'd take another crack at exercising at home.  Walks will have to be in the morning before the temperature of the air becomes higher than body temperature.  Same for biking.  We checked out some Netflix instant-play exercises videos.  For the most part, they move too fast for us to figure out.  Move your arms how while you're doing what with that sliding dance step?! But time may help with that. 

We have to start small.  With achievable goals.  But it's such a long haul to see improvement ....


  1. Have you seen what we have in the basement? It took a few years of gifting ourselves items, but it is nice now. We started with weights, added a treadmill and now we have an eliptical. (sp?) We do have an old TV down there...I watch morning news shows. You could hook up Netflix if you were clever. Aaron and I use it in the morning, him in the afternoon. I LOVE the eliptical. We tried it out in the is so smooth and doesn't hurt either one of us. It also gets your upper body moving, or you can choose the easier handles. If you want to try it our, come on over.:) We have some thin mats stacked on the floor too...nice for nice for stretching. :)

  2. Maggie keeps suggesting that we should be keeping an eye out at Goodwill for a treadmill. But I don't think we have room for it. And the basement ceiling is low -- only 6 and 1/2 feet. We can't even put our arms over our heads down there.

  3. Oh, wait, I just looked up an "elliptical." It's not what I was thinking. It's the machine that kinda sorta does steps and cross-country skiing exercises, right? I'm not sure how they work, but if there's not much up-&-down, there might be headspace for that.