Sunday, March 18, 2012


When house hunting, we looked closely for mildew.  Our realtor couldn't believe how many times I found tiny signs of mildew.  And when we did, we refused to consider the house.  We lived with enough mildew in our previous house and wanted to be away from it. 

Fetching the rocking horse out of the attic yesterday, I noticed one small spot on the roof boards with some signs of mildew beginning.  Argh!   A box (with no signs of mildew) that had been in the basement of the old house was now in the attic, shoved right up against the inside of the roof, and it spread.   The box is now in the garbage, and the inside of the roof has been scrubbed well with a bleach solution.  I've washed my hands at least a dozen times throughout the day, and I can still smell bleach on them.  Hopefully that's strong enough to kill kill kill that nastiness!

I guess we need to check other spots in the house to ensure adequate airflow.


  1. Bare-handed bleach scrubbing? Ouchies!

  2. It was only 3-5 minutes. At the old house I scrubbed away at windows and the window frames and the bathroom for over an hour. Bare-handed. Half bleach and half water. The chemical burns on my hands ached for days. I haven't made that mistake again.

  3. Ow! I always wear rubber gloves when dealing with bleach. This past Sunday I was wearing a black cardigan that I wore to church when I decided to spray the bathroom window frame with bleach. Stupid. I even said out loud before I started, "I should probably take off this sweater first" but didn't. I thought I could be careful and not splatter any bleach. My sweater is now black with brown polkadots. Not a cute look.

  4. I've lost count how many times I've done that with Softscrub in the bathtub.