Saturday, February 11, 2012

A PG Rating

From what we'd heard about Marley and Me, the movie was appropriate for entire families, including little kids. Yes, there's the sad ending that you get in all dog-stories, but scuttlebutt suggested that it was a nice, decent, heart-warming story.

We watched the movie last night. I don't know what I'd be thinking right now if the container had been labeled as a PG-13 instead. Probably I'd be thinking it was a pretty nice little story.

But all I can think is, "THIS film was rated PG? THIS?" There was language. No, not much, probably less than I hear at work or at the grocery store. But if I were watching this with my granddaughter or with an 8-yr-old, I'd be perturbed about the language. And the sex. There was way too much suggestiveness, including the main character's womanizing pal. Yes, I realize the married couple was ... well ... married, but look how far things have changed on-screen from when Lucy and Desi, when Rob and Laura, slept in separate twin beds.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a puritanical mood at the moment.

Or maybe this explains why I'm happier with Leave It to Beaver and Hogan's Heroes.


  1. Two Christmases ago, we walked out of a supposedly PG-13 movie being watched at a relatives house.

    I'm not against adult themes in movies per se. But slow, panning shots over an injured nekkid woman with boom-chicka-wow-wow music? Puh-leeze. Yuck.

    I worried out loud to my Dh that we were getting too puritanical, that we were too uptight. He said, no. We haven't changed. The culture has.

  2. We just watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated and I was surprised at what I learned in it. It's on Netflix Watch it now so it might be something you guys would find interesting. It's a documentary, there's some language and some sexual images but they are documenting things so I don't know how you would feel watching it. I definitely found it interesting it what it revealed about our rating system.

  3. Oh the other thing is that we watched The Chronicle today and I was surprised that it was rated PG-13, there wasn't really any language or sexual stuff but it was pretty violent which I definitely wouldn't voluntarily take my kids to... I would have rathered it being rated R... and there were kids in that movie, probably about 10 years old too. Ugh so upsetting.