Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing to Do

The kids are with some friends for the week. Gary's at work. I'm not scheduled to work. Nothing's on the calendar at church. No doctor appointments or other things penciled onto the calendar. Two whole days stretched out before me. I have nothing to do.

Except cooking and baking and laundry. And long-overdue straightening and cleaning. And Christmas cards and a desktop-publishing project for church. And errands and a list of phone calls. And catching up on school record-keeping. And school plans for the next semester. And maybe a little self-indulgence: writing, going for a walk in this beautiful sunshine, playing piano, wasting time watching a movie or maybe even reading?

What shall it be? So many options for "doing nothing"!

I started the day with a sudoku.


  1. You showed great restraint by starting the day with just ONE sudoku! BarbK

  2. Yes, I did. :D
    But theoretically, I'm not up yet. I'm still in my jammies, so the laundry that I've sorted, the beds I've stripped, and the sweeping I'm doing, that's not really work yet; it's just "getting a few things started" "in the meantime." So I can still do a few more sudokus if I wanna.

  3. I love thinking of you having a couple of days like this! Enjoy!