Saturday, November 05, 2011


We need to take in one of the cars under a recall notice. The dealers are far enough away that it's been too inconvenient to bother with yet.

I did a lot more tree trimming today, getting those branches away from the phone & electric wires. There are still branches out there, near enough the lines that I'm not touching them. But the more clutter I can get out of the way now, the shorter the time we'll have to disconnect the power when we finally get rid of those branches. Right now, my hair is full of sawdust and every now and then I taste a piece of wood.

Some of us have been fighting colds. Sometimes a person is just tireder than seems reasonable. When the people around me are snotty and coughing, and I'm tired, I figure I shouldn't doggedly plow ahead on my to-do list, but just be a lazy-daisy.

We're looking into refinancing the house. Paperwork -- ugh! Prospect of a shorter mortgage -- hooray!

I spent way too much time on the computer this week. Can I at least give myself brownie-points for having less addiction to Facebook now?

I luv-luv-luv that there is a new Aldi, and it's kitty-corner from work. So handy!!

I've been working extra days recently because we lost an employee to a promotion at another branch and because several co-workers are getting in their last vacation days before the end of the year. Being gone more makes it harder to be diligent with keeping up at home when I am home.

Maggie is joining the girls at church (most of whom graduated from the parochial school) for a book club with the headmistress. They're reading Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe?! Yikes. We're not going for easy here, are we? So my plan is to read it with her. First we read the Wiki-synopsis. Then we read a kiddie-version of a picture book. We could (?) step up to an abridged version, but instead we decided to dive in. Boy, did I procrastinate on that: it scared me. But we got through chapter 1 yesterday. Right now I am procrastinating on starting chapter 2. Somebody recommended a miniseries that's supposed to be very good. We'll throw that into the hopper too.

Funerals are such lovely opportunities for a pastor to preach the sweet Gospel to people who seldom care to cross the doorstep of a church.


  1. Do you need a nice copy of Ivanhoe that would be for longer loan than the library? I can't remember if you have a copy.

  2. We do need to renew it on Monday. How about we keep it for one more go-round, and then borrow yours?


  3. Do the power company not come cut down tree branches in the lines for free there? That is my understanding here.

  4. I've been thinking we should look into that refinancing thing too, and I'm going to be unhappy with myself if I don't get around to it while interest rates are so low.

  5. Glenda, that was my understanding too. At the parsonage, the electric company showed up one day and said they were cutting trees -- they didn't ask permission; it was just something they were informing us of. When I had the power company come out, though, the forester said that they wouldn't do those branches. They do trim to protect the wires coming into the neighborhood. But they said the ones that branch off to go to individual houses or pairs of houses are the responsibility of the homeowners. The estimate from the arborist was $790. Even if we end up having to pay him something to trim what we cannot, I'm going to get as much taken care of as possible, so we can bring the bill down to a less-frightening number. So me and my 12' ladder, and my long-handled pruning saw, have been playing lumberjack!

  6. Ah, got it. I suppose it makes sense they won't do it for the lines going to an individual's home. Well, I hope you're able to get lots of branches before calling for the big (aka $$) guns.

  7. I think it's a $-saving plan for the power company. The same power company did trim trees on the individual lines coming to our house before. That's why I was so surprised when they told me they don't do that.

  8. In about one month, our new Aldi opens up. In its new location, it will be smack dab in front of the Walmart and directly across from the Meijer. I figure it's going to save me at least 30 minutes on my grocery shopping trips. I am SO excited.

    Stay safe trimming trees, dear Susan!

  9. Is your Aldi a new one or a relocation? In other words, is the one on Mattis staying open? It sure is convenient for me, even if it's not for you.

  10. It's a relocation. The Mattis one will close. Which, yeah, will stink for those who are now close to it.

  11. Well, at least I know now where to go hunt for it. Thanks!