Monday, October 03, 2011

Today's Kitchen Goals

Four loaves of bread.
Turning a pie-pumpkin into a pumpkin pie.
Roasting the seeds.
Stewing two chickens for meals later this week.
Teriyaki chicken and rice for tonight's supper.
Setting some batches of kombucha to brew.
Mashed potatoes to make salmon patties tomorrow.
And hopefully a batch of cookies.

And with these goals, I still think I'm going to do yardwork??? And schoolwork with Maggie? And clean the house? I have no sense of proportion.

Hey, you know what I did yesterday?That's a pile of birch, maple, apple, cherry, lilac, locust, and crabapple branches. There's still quite a bit of tree-trimming to do in the next two weeks before the town's brush pick-up. I better have the good sense not to wield the pruning saw today: my shoulders are still aching from yesterday's efforts.

There was a florist in Delavan who asked us for our downed birch twigs and our tree trimmings from the birches. She loved how they look in flower arrangements. While picking up the mess I made in the yard yesterday, I noticed again how beautiful those twigs are!


  1. I am trying to get outside! Laundry, then, hopefully, if I can get it beaten down to a small pile, I can go out in the beautiful weather and take care of my poor neglected veggie garden.

  2. Had to pick up smoked pig today, so I had a ride through some gorgeous fall farmland. I'd like to get the house picked up, some laundry done, and apples picked. Tomorrow I want to try again to make applesauce!

  3. Thanks for picking up and babysitting my bacon, Melody! I'm so glad I was able to contribute to your having a pleasant country drive! :-)