Friday, October 28, 2011


I hate pulling one of those plastic forks out of the box when I eat lunch at work. It sounds fakey green environmentalist-whacko, but I seriously am having a hard time with those plastic forks. You use it and toss it in the trash can. A waste of money. A waste of energy. More garbage than needs to be created. I think I need to find a real fork to leave in the drawer, along with the real spoon that's already there.

We left the pumpkin sitting next to the stoop instead of on the concrete where it might have been accidentally bumped off. Well, leaving it sit on the garden was not a good plan. It started to compost on the bottom, and it's all buggy. Ick -- don't want to make that into our jack-o-lantern! We need to buy a new pumpkin before trick-or-treat tomorrow evening.

What a lazy day yesterday! I didn't wake up until 9:20 and didn't get out of bed until 10:00. I ached and had a headache, but I kept trying to force myself to Get To Work. When Gary called and said he was coming home from work early, and his symptoms sounded just like mine, I suddenly realized that maybe it was germies and not mere laziness. Maggie and I watched a long movie about Lady Jane Gray. And we ate canned chicken-noodle soup for supper. Today is better, but still slow.

My annual evaluation at work was this week. I need to get better about remembering customers' names and about making decisions in the "gray areas." The bosses actually scored me better in some areas than I anticipated. (They keep telling me I'm too hard on myself.) They told me the next task I'd be learning. We've lost several great employees to other branches, and we have several newbies, so it's necessary that some of us start learning how to do jobs besides just the teller transactions. The manager told me that she was quite pleased with how things have gone since they hired me, seeing as how I hadn't been an employee before. She was trying to say that I hadn't had a "real job" before, but that sounded so negative and belittling of how I've spent my life, and she sure didn't mean that. But somehow she wanted to get across that I've done the work, learned oodles of new things, kept improving, and have been an asset to the team. Y'know, that's kind of nice to know! Whew....

All sorts of things rattling around in my mind to blog about, but maybe it's time for another nap or some more tv-viewing.


  1. "(They keep telling me I'm too hard on myself.)"

    You're kidding. I would have never believed it. (And now I'm kidding.) :-)

    Re: the pumpkin (every time I type "pumpkin" it comes out "pumpking" at first and I have to go back and delete the "g"), you could just do like us and not have one (gasp!). I bought some candy and we will give it out if anyone comes to the door, but there will be no pumpking, sigh, pumpkin, or other types of Halloween or harvest decorations to serve as an invitation to trick-or-treaters. It's not that we have a philosophical or religious objection to Halloween. We let our older kids dress up and trick-or-treat when they were younger. But I have never much cared for the holiday and now I have a child (my youngest) who hates it and says he will spend Halloween night in his bedroom so as not to see the trick-or-treaters. So I am not very motivated to do much of anything Halloween-y, to say the least!

  2. good for you in the job department, Susan! Remembering customer's names would be really hard for me too.

    I used to have fun with my kids at Halloween. They love costumes and carving a pumpkin is cool. Guess I've gotten old and cranky about this holiday, because I quit doing it as soon as Maggie was old enough for me to get out of it.