Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caution: Automatic Doors

You spend quite a few days wandering about a hospital, with those magic doors that open themselves when they see you coming. You make occasional forays into the big wide world where there are grocery-store doors that likewise open magically upon your arrival. Same for the doors at rest stops along the highway.

And then you go to a gas station. When you try to leave the building, you stand there at the door and wait for it to magically open. It doesn't. What's the deal? Is it broken?

"Oh, it's just a regular door," you think sheepishly, as you use your own muscle-power to push open the door, desperately hoping the clerk and other customers did not notice.

This may or may not be a true story.


  1. Haha--I've also heard of getting mad at a faucet for not coming on when you stick your hands under it, only to realize that it's the kind you actually have to turn on.

    Of course, I have never done such a silly thing.

  2. I've even heard of people trying to jam themselves into the corner of the stall to see if the toilet is going to magically flush before actually opening the door.

  3. There are two gas stations in Rockford that actually have automatic doors and they strike me as super fancy every time I go to one of them! Who's ever heard of a gas station with an automatic door? Though, I see now apparently some people think they all should have them. ;)