Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Sink

It was stained when we moved in, but it's stained worse now. I think I used the wrong kind of cleansers on it. The edge of the sink was high, which meant it was always a struggle to keep the water from pooling in the small space between the back of the sink and the wall. Even after we caulked that with 50-year-guarantee kitchen/bath-quality caulking, it was nasty within a year. In addition to these problems, the moving parts inside the faucet were going bad: it was quite difficult to turn the faucet from one side of the sink to the other.


Two things to get used to:
1) Do not throw the faucet around. After using so much muscle-effort whenever we had to move the old one, we keep using more energy than is required for the smooth-moving new faucet.
2) The Culligan spigot moved over by the dish rack. This means that stacking dishes the way we used to (never towel-drying, perched precariously while air-drying) will cut off our access to the drinking water. We may be compelled to put away dishes in a more timely manner, possibly even breaking out the dish towels on a twice-daily basis. This may [gasp!] make the kitchen look tidier as well as be more readily usable. Now, can we do it???

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