Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too Much Work?

The receptionists at the doctor's office were chatting about their weekend. One was the honoree at a baby shower. She was talking about her "haul." It was amazing to hear all the stuff that a baby "needs." Do babies really need a dozen cute outfits? Don't they pretty much live in onesies or jammies?

The other receptionist was telling about her weekend. On Saturday she mowed the lawn, did five loads of laundry, and made a cucumber salad. The first receptionist was astounded. How could anybody get that much accomplished in one day? The receptionist who spent her Saturday with chores admitted that she was entirely wiped out and so spent her Sunday doing absolutely nothing but sitting with her husband by the fire, relaxing.

I often berate myself for not getting enough done, for not being hard-working enough. But five loads of laundry and mowing and making one dish sounds like a typical (or possibly light) day of chores to me. Maybe I'm not as lazy as I think.

And maybe this explains why so many people have time for amusements (and can't understand that I don't). What I don't understand is what they're doing (or more accurately, not doing) that they have so much free time.


  1. Susan,

    Every time I hear about your days and then you say you didn't get much done, I sit in bewilderment at how MUCH you did and how LITTLE I did. You are NOT lazy. :)

    I hope you can find some time soon to just sit down and do something you enjoy. Even God rested for a day. :)


  2. You're not as lazy as you think. There. Now it's in print on the internet, so it must be true.

    For me, some of my work (in the garden, esp) overlaps into my "amusements" time.

    But the people you're thinking of, those who have all the free time but think they don't, well, they're watching way more TV than they realize.