Friday, June 24, 2011

The Creation of the World

The Old Testament reading last Sunday [in the three-year series] was Genesis 1. It's about God making all the stuff.

This week I heard it differently. When God made the land, the dust, He was making the stuff of which He would make man, knowing that He would one day become Man. When He created the plants of the field, He was making the trees. Centuries later, some of those trees would be used to build an ark that saved Noah's family. Some more centuries later, one of those trees would be the cross on which He was hung to die. At the creation, He made grape vines which produced fruit after its own kind, so that today we still have grape vines, bearing grapes that become wine, that become His blood on the altar, that makes us immortal.

The stuff He was creating way back at the start isn't just the stuff that we see, that we use, that we eat, that we burn for fuel. The stuff He was making was HIS stuff, the stuff He uses to save, the stuff He uses to bring us to Himself.

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