Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's Laugh

Andrew and I were listening to our history tapes. We're studying World War I right now, from a series that is full of primary sources. This quote is taken from a letter home, written by a US private about life on the front in France; he and his fellow-soldiers were living in a cave where they slept by day and came out to fight by night.

We have a little church in our cave. On Sundays the chaplain holds service and passes out cigarettes to us.

When I heard "and passes out ..." I expected the next words to be something about "the Lord's Supper" or maybe "little psalters" or "copies of the New Testament." The last thing I anticipated was "cigarettes." Am I totally warped that I busted out laughing at this??


  1. What history tapes are you using?

  2. "United States at War" by Audio Knowledge. Narrated by George C Scott.