Monday, April 25, 2011

Crankifying a Mommy

Instructions on building a crankier mom:

Step 1. Choose a day when she's tired.

Step 2. Do not do your chores.

Step 3. Be sure to amuse yourself while she is making your lunch, washing your dishes, mopping up your spill, and laundering your clothes.

Step 4. When she is quite behind on her list of tasks, with absolutely no progress having been made on your list of tasks, start asking if she will spend some time playing with you.

Step 5. Ask her to play a game, read a story, or take you someplace fun. Then ask 17 more times.

Mission accomplished!


  1. I had to laugh because there was a huge meltdown tonight over picking up toys.

  2. Were you spying on us today? Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. Do you reside in Toddlerville too, or is it just the same story with teenagers?

  4. Meghan, it's partly memories of Toddlerville, partly similarities between Toddlerville and Teentown.

    Two differences:
    1. Unlike a 2-yr-old, a teenager is capable of washing her own dishes, making his own lunch, and helping with the work that needs to be done. So amusing oneself while Mom labors is that much more infuriating.
    2. A teenager is (thankfully) capable of getting her act together and remedying her behavior, diving in to accomplish some of the projects when Mom cracks over how the day's been going.