Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wives and Daughters

The BBC mini-series "Wives & Daughters" is currently available on Netflix insta-play. It's one of those shows that looked good to me, but I didn't know when I'd ever find time to watch a five-hour show. With a cold recently, and finding it hard to stop and rest and heal, I determined that I would watch this mini-series, partially because it's looked enjoyable and partially because I figured I could make myself sit down and rest if I got myself hooked into a tv show.

I loved the scenery. I loved how the characters were portrayed -- realistically, and not all-good versus all-bad. I appreciated the way the plot turned out. I appreciated the attitude toward marriage held by the most important people in the story. In BBC-fashion, the humor was subtle and understated, but it was there, and there were some pretty funny spots.

I thought this was better than "Pride and Prejudice."


  1. I keep meaning to watch that one, partially because I want to see how they would resolve the story. It was, sadly, an unfinished book...

  2. I'm not saying that your wife is silly, but one of us was silly and it wasn't me. :)

    I liked that it was a mini series so I could watch an hour at a time rather than a two plus hour movie (which is always hard to stop in the middle even if I'm tired).

  3. Katie, we could tell you the ending if you want. Angie, Gary & I loved that line about the "and it wasn't me."