Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teachers Should Be Able to Spell

Teachers and other protesters have descended upon Madison. ABC News ran a story with interviews and video of the crowds. One sign (in very neat handwriting) declared

Teacher's Rights

Arrrrrrgggghhhh!!! This is supposed to make us proud of the job our teachers do? On top of that, ABC chose to give that sign exposure on-air.

Oh, maybe I shouldn't be such a fussy....


  1. I think it's just fine to be fussy about grammar when it comes to those who are teaching our children. Thank the good Lord for home education!!


  2. Actually, I think the misspelled sign might show the truth of things better than a properly spelled sign. As I've listened to conversations at work, the people who tend to get the most upset about "the rights of others" almost invariably start getting far more upset about "my rights" (singular). It's something I've even noticed in myself at times. Nobody likes a selfish person - better to hide behind the facade of selflessness for others in order to attain our own goals and desires.

    I'm not trying to accuse this particular individual. Maybe they really are selfless and are fighting for others who they believe deserve more than themselves, and they just happen to be bad at spelling, too. I'm just saying what I've observed from my own experiences.

  3. Maybe... maybe they were arguing for the rights of one called Teacher?