Monday, February 21, 2011

Free at Last!

The book is in the mail to the publisher!

Saturday morning, before heading off to work, I finished all my proofreading and editing. I couldn't believe how buoyant and free I felt. Saturday afternoon I did a lot of goofing off: chatting with online friends, paying bills, reading email, doing laundry, writing emails, and making a small dent in the long-neglected cleaning. Invigorating!

Funny how the mundane chores of life can be so refreshing and satisfying after focusing on something else for so long. As of breakfast time on Saturday, I was no longer car shopping, my kid was finally healthy, and the book (which had been hanging over our heads for four years) was no longer anything I was responsible to work on. I keep having this feeling that pretty soon something is going to explode into sucking all our attention, but for the moment, I am on a hiatus of house work and grocery shopping, with plans to get back to some "real schoolwork" right quick. And I'm loving it.


  1. This makes me feel happy, too!!!

  2. Glad you've reached an oasis....and that your daughter is feeling better too :)

    The book I've been working on since 2004 is off to the printer this week. I look forward to feeling like you do soon!