Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Deep Snow

No getting out the front door this morning. It wouldn't budge. We raised the garage door, made a narrow path, and started moving snow.

Gary hurt his back shoveling yesterday. He collapsed last night; his legs just wouldn't hold him. I've called doctors' offices, but they aren't open today. He's doing better now, he can get himself to a stand. We haven't decided yet whether to try to get him to the hospital or wait till tomorrow in hopes of finding the D.O. or chiropractor or family doctor available. Just in case, Andrew and I managed to break through about 1/3 of the driveway's width, in hopes that we could squeeze the car through that passage.

After some breakfast and a rest, it's back outside to make sure the vents are clear, start roof-raking, and then try to free the front door.


  1. It took us about 5-6 hrs all together clean up and dig out the cars. We traded off working outside, coming in to dry off and warm up. Dh left for work at about 1:30pm. And I hurt. An awful lot. Neighbor plowed in the end of our sidewalk when he plowed his driveway w/ his lawn tractor. Grrrrrr!!!

    Praying for Gary's back. :-(

  2. So does this mean you did have a snow day after all? (Obviously not a very fun one with your dear hubby's condition. I pray it's not serious. Please let us know how he is.)

  3. Bank was open, but enough employees made it in that they figured they could handle the traffic without me. When I had to visit the branch in our village (getting money to buy a car), at 4:00 they told me I was customer #6 that day.

    Gary saw the doctor this morning. It's muscle strain from shoveling. He is on drugs. He worked from home today and intends to drive in to the office tomorrow. He can walk now. Sorta. If he goes to the office tomorrow, he will have to go with his cane and endure a lot of decrepit-old-man jokes.

  4. Yay for the bank letting you stay home! And yay for pain relief. I hope it's effective and reasonably side-effect free.

  5. I read this post yesterday and came back today, hoping for an update on Gary. I'm sorry for the pain, but glad it's no worse than muscle strain. And glad you could stay home yesterday! I stayed home the whole day too, which felt strange but cozy and nice.