Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick Maggie

Maggie has not been healthy since she first came down with that bad cold on December 14. The round of antibiotics seemed to have no effect on the coughing. And then she started throwing up. So we needed to get back to the doctor.

When we first moved here, two doctors came highly recommended. The one in town was not accepting new patients, so we went to the one 15 minutes away. We think he's great, but he just recently moved to a new office yet further away. So today we visited the doctor in town. Oh my goodness! He's wonderful too!

Maggie got on the scale today and my eyes about popped out. She's lost 17 pounds in the last three weeks. I guess that's what comes from not being able to keep any food down for five whole days.

Doctor first suspected asthmatic bronchitis. But when he heard her wheeze through a coughing spell, he wondered about whooping cough. So she is on antibiotics for germies, steroids for the inflammation in her lungs, an inhaler, and non-narcotic cough pearls (perles?). When the radiologist saw Mag's x-ray, he was concerned about a spot on her lung which might be pneumonia, but given the absence of fever, it's likely that the spot is from her collapsed lung following the surgery four years ago.

Things are improving. In the last several hours she has eaten a banana, a small bowl of applesauce, and two crackers! Whoo hooo! We're headed in the right direction! This is a big relief.


  1. Yay!

    Sorry about so many meds to juggle! But it's worth it if you're already seeing some improvement.

  2. Oh my goodness! Well, I pray she really is getting better.

  3. I'm glad it's looking better and without IVs or anything.

    Also, it's good to know there's another great doctor around for you.

    Wasn't asthmatic bronchitis what they said I had? Or was it something else with the word bronchitis?

  4. I know they said you had asthma, Katie. Are you talking about a particular instance with bronchitis?

  5. Glad that she's able to eat a little. Prayers ascending for her recovery. What a blessing to have more than 1 doctor who is good in your area!