Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Failing Mechanics

The new year isn't going as happily as people were wishing me last week.

Rachel, Oz has died. Probably our biggest mistake of 2010 was trying to resurrect a 13-yr-old Corolla whose engine had cracked. Putting a different engine in a car with more than a quarter-million miles is not a good plan. I meet the junk man this afternoon to turn over her title and collect enough money from him to pay for yesterday's tow-truck.

My computer was fried yesterday. One tiny little repair/improvement resulted in a crash which means I need a new computer -- or that I at least need a new motherboard and processor and power source and operating system. My sons (of the Nerd Herd) are looking into it for me, and they think many pieces of my current [but deceased] computer can be used in the new computer. Main point of this paragraph (besides the whining) is that, if you need to contact me, you should do it via gmail instead of my usual email address if possible.

I have tons of work to do, especially editing, but right now I have very little ability to concentrate when my brain keeps drifting to "Where am I going to find a car?"

So now the question is, "What is going to happen next?"


  1. Oh, I'm sorry! Both for all the money you poured into Oz and for the loss of my good little car.

    Hopefully a new computer will be fairly inexpensive- you don't need it for anything fancy, so that helps A LOT.

  2. David has good luck finding rebuilt(?) ones on line. Do you want me to ask him where? He got them and me each a Dell some time ago.

  3. And I sold my Corolla only a month ago!! Otherwise, I could have helped you out. :(

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your car! What a bummer!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your car. When our van was totaled, we prayed about what to do and within days, a car was put out for sale almost within sight of our house. It cost us $750 over the insurance settlement and lasted us several years. God will provide for you.

    PS We too buy rebuilt Dells and have found them to be good computers.