Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello, It's Me Again!

Six days in a row I show up at chapel in a dress and hose and nice shoes. And then on the next day, I show up at chapel in my jeans, hoodie sweatshirt, and tennies. Several people said, "Oh, you don't work today?"

And I thought ...
"Ah, I look like me again!"


  1. I didn't realize you were still able to attend daily chapel. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  2. I can't anymore. Last week, I had to clock in at 9:00, and it was a 30-minute commute, so I left chapel about 8:20-8:23. This week I could go on Monday and leave early, but the rest of the week I would have to leave about 3 minutes after the start of the service. I'll go out of my way to enjoy half or 2/3 of chapel, but not for a mere 1/10 of it.

  3. Well, phooey. When you get through these full-time training weeks, will you be able to return to attending at least some of the time?

  4. If I'm working two full days during the week and a half-day on Saturday, that will leave me with three days for chapel. Depending on my starting time, I may be able to go to chapel and then head to work from there.