Sunday, October 03, 2010

Seeing the Kids

Rachel and Matt were up to see friends for gaming this weekend. Because they were awake until near-dawn, they napped early this morning and then showed up in church for late service. Woo hoooo!! I'm glad they've got a church available to them in Chicago, but it is SO so good to worship with them occasionally. Philip couldn't come over to hang out for Sunday afternoon today, but seeing him at church is almost as good as having a long visit. There's just something precious about being at the same Divine Service and then maybe having 5-20 minutes afterward for chatting too. Granted, I like seeing them at other times when possible, but being with them at church is usually enough to satisfy my yearning to see my kids.

Matt & Rachel showed off their new car to us and let us sniff that wonderful new-car smell. It's a really small car but spacious inside (even in the backseat) and with plenty of trunk space. They bought a simple model: it doesn't even have a radio. Rachel said they'll take the radio out of the old car; that radio started in my Camry, went to Rachel's Corolla, then bopped into Matt's car, and now is headed for their new car. Rachel's probably getting pretty good at installing car stereos!

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