Friday, October 22, 2010

My Name ... according to Alia

So as to differentiate between the two grandmothers, it was discussed amongst some people who live here what my grandma-name should be. Lu (Nathan's mom) is Grandma. Some of the family (but especially Andrew) decided I should be Nanna. For days they tried to teach Alia to call me Nanna. She finally complied.

For about a week.

Wednesday she decided I was "Grandma." Funny to see her and her 18-yr-old uncle arguing over whether my name is Nanna or Grandma!

For those of you who haven't met me and my eldest, here's a picture. We do look just a little bit similar. So the computer's screen-saver is rolling through pictures; Alia is watching; a picture of Rachel pops up on the screen; and Alia says, "Grandma!"



  1. We always just designated grandmas by their last names - Grandma Halsey and Grandma Blackburn. But I always just called them "Grandma" when they were around.

    I love that pic of you two. =)

  2. We tried several permutations of "Grandma." Our problem was that our kids had 2 grandmas and 3 great-grandmas. It got so confusing to them that, when Jay was 2, and we visited John's hometown of Grand Marais, MI, (say it naturally) he looked around and asked, "Where's Grandma Ray?"
    My mother became Regular Grandma. Jay realized he had Grandma X, Grandma Y, Grandma Z, and we always called her, "Grandma," because she was around most often. One day he told me, "She's Regular Grandma, because she's just Regular." She signed cards to the kids, "Regular Grandma" until she died, 25-ish years later.
    I am Grandma Melody to my grandchldren. My mom was Grandma Nancy, her mom, Grandma Irene, John's mom, Grandma Carol. It works.

  3. Melody, we used Grandma First-Name with our kids too. Also, that's a really cute story about Jay!

    Anthea, one of the reasons I like that picture so much is because it meant the gal snapping the photo was here to visit that day! Love ya!

  4. And I do adore those visits! Love you, too!