Friday, September 03, 2010

Playing the Recorder with Finesse

One toddler playing the recorder. Loudly. Squeal squeeeall SQUEALLLLLL squeal.

Two teenagers watching tv together. Dialogue constantly being interrupted by "squeal." Eventually they tire of it. Solution? Remove the recorder from the toddler's hands and replace it with a fife.

Toddler blows into the end of the fife (not the flute-like blowhole on the side of the fife). She blows and blows. Quiet ensues. Teenagers contentedly settle down to hear the television without concentrated effort. Toddler blows some more. Still no sound emanating from the musical instrument.

Solution? Toddler still has a voicebox: engage voice and continue to squeal SQUEAL squeal.

Grandma busts a gut laughing. Munchkin's voice does a darn good impression of a squeaky recorder!

1 comment:

  1. Now that is what you call making the most of the resources at hand. Good for Munchkin!