Saturday, August 21, 2010

Urgent Care

Andrew cut his finger yesterday. It was a bloody mess. Usually we bandage those things at home and deal with it. But when it's on a knuckle, and when you know it's going to keep breaking open over and over, you just figure it's going to be a week of bleeding and scabbing and bleeding and scabbing, over and over.

At work last night, though, Andrew's cut broke open. Now, if you bleed on your own cutting board at home, you clean it up, get a new bandaid, and go back to cooking. If you bleed on a cutting board at a restaurant, you practically need a haz-mat team to clean up. Andrew was sent home from work because he kept bleeding and they couldn't have him there. Given the economy, and given that it was only his third evening on the job, being sent home is kinda scary.

So I dragged him off to urgent care in spite of the fact that we could've dealt with the injury at home. Thing is, Andrew wasn't going to be just at home, but also at work. The doctor glued the two sides of his split finger together; it was a spot too boney for stitches. They gave him a splint in hopes of preventing the cut from breaking open. And they gave him a note for his boss, saying that he should be able to return to work on Monday. Hooray that the folks at work appeared concerned about his well-being and not angry about being left short-staffed on Friday night!!

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