Monday, June 28, 2010

Reason for My Blog

Just a reminder (in light of something I heard recently)...
This blog exists for two main reasons.
1. So that Mom and my kids can keep up on some daily happenings in our household.
2. Because the margins in my Bible aren't big enough to write down all the notes I want to scribble there. Don't be offended if I write about theology; I'm not being didactic: it's just that this blog is my own little pensieve.

I do need to rethink the posting of daily happenings. With a huge increase in recent months of strangers visiting my blog (via the "next blog" button on blogger) I've been hesitant to post things that I previously would have put up.

Oh, wait. There's another reason for my blog.
3. Writing helps me keep my hold on sanity. It's an outlet.


  1. I hope you don't mind some of us "strangers" showing up. Actually, I read regularly - mostly because of your homeschooling and theology posts. I'm a garden variety Evangelical and I like to read your more "Lutheran" take on some things. I like that you make me think. And I look forward to your daily laugh in my reader every day!

  2. Reasons why you should keep blogging:
    1. 3 out of the 5 main "new" recipes we regularly make now came from your blog. I printed and posted them in my cupboard for easy reference. My 2 year old is a very picky eater and his favorite food is clam sauce spaghetti. We make it often to make sure he gets something healthy in him once and awhile! Everyone else loves eggroll guts and bubble and squeak (I know that wasn't your recipe, but I read it on your blog).
    2. If you didn't blog I wouldn't have known who to ask about my kombucha problem earlier this year.
    3. You've been there-done that in so many areas of your life-gardening, homeschooling, cooking nutritious foods, housekeeping, living on a frugal budget. Those of us that are new to all these areas really appreciate your tips. We learn through your experiences.
    4. You never know what you post about that will catch our eye and we will remember and use that tip later-it's probably not the blog posts that you remember as being "important".
    5. I appreciate your theology posts because our tri-parish doesn't have a Bible study led by the pastor any more. I suppose I could make an attempt to go to another LCMS church's Bible Study, but that's hard with a pastor's schedule for my husband and 3 young boys. So I appreciate that your pastor's comments that got you thinking are passed on and get me thinking too.

  3. I can add another reason for you to keep blogging. Reading what you say helps me keep a hold on *my sanity.* :)

  4. No, Catherine, I don't mind at all if there are nice "strangers" reading my blog. What makes me nervous is the hit-and-run people who bop through via the "next blog" button. That adds up to a lot of strangers who have no interest in what I write about; it almost feels like they're 'peeping toms.' I keep telling myself that I should explore blogger hints and figure out how to stay searchable (especially for VCFS pictures and for kombucha instructions) and yet not show up as a link for "next blog" hits.

    Ewe, I'm sorry I gave the impression that I was considering stopping blogging. I'm not. I'm not even thinking about making my blog private. I just wanted to take the chance to say again that I'm not trying to be theological. I'm just writing for me, so that I can synthesize and remember what I heard at Bible class, or what I thought of in conjunction with a psalm. If you and Catherine (and some others) enjoy reading those bits too, fine by me. :)

  5. another reason: I like your jokes. :-)

  6. Mom, to remove yourself from "next blog" get onto your main Blogger page-
    1- Click on "Settings" for the hymn-addict blog
    2- Choose "basic" along the sub-menu at the top
    3- then there are several sections, Blog Tools, Title, Description, and then Add your blog to our listings? That one defaults to "yes," but if you change it to "no" then you won't be on Next Blog or the Blogger homepage at all.

    Problem solved!

  7. Oh, and the option after that is the one that makes you available to search engines... that also defaults to "yes."