Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's Laugh

A conversation on Wednesday morning between my son-in-law and my 16-mo-old grand-daughter, adding some new twists to the usual questions:

Alia, can you tell me what a cow says?
What does your lamby say?
What does a tiger say?
What does a kitty say?
What does mommy say?


  1. Sounds like Katie is doing her job!

  2. I have to have told you this story, but yours reminds me. And we're old enough that you've probably forgotten, anyway. :)
    When Jay was 2, an older relative of John's who Jay and I were meeting for the first time asked him, "What's YOUR name, young man?" John prompted him, "What does Mommy call you when you're in trouble?" (He had just realized that, when I yelled, "John Morgan Peterman IV!" I was talking to him, and he'd better say, "I'm sorry.") With is angelic little smile and toddler chirp, he said, "Son of a b*%&@!" Thankfully, the relative had a good sense of humor, and my in-laws could vouch for the fact that I DON'T USE THAT WORD!! (We still haven't figured out where he learned it...)