Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Stuff

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of sitting around with Rachel and Anthea (and part of the afternoon with Philip), laughing and talking and eating and laughing some more! And Anthea is going to come back for Easter Vigil!

Rosie was treed by a neighbor's escaped dog yesterday, and then last night I dreamed the wolves were closing in on Athena.

The orthodontist looked at Andrew's palate today. Even with the big space between his front teeth, he has to keep cranking the expander for at least another week. They don't care about the space between his teeth -- the doctor cares about how his molars are lining up. Wow, by the time his top molars are slightly outside his bottom molars, he's going to look like an 8-yr-old who's singing "All I Want for Chrithmath Ith My Two Front Teeth."

I didn't plant the spinach last week, anticipating having the little sprouts die in the cold of the weekend. Maybe I could haul myself out to the backyard now? I just remember the year I planted early, and late plantings and early plantings all came up at the same time. (Not unlike reading skills, where --by age 12-- the kids who learned to read at age 4 aren't any further advanced than the kid who learned to read at age 9.)

Between choir and the kids doing the Palm Sunday Gospel from Luke, Maggie is going to be at church every afternoon this week. A good homeschooling mother would ensure that Andrew gets a lot of individual attention during those hours. I'll make a stab at being good...

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