Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holstein vs Jersey

Back when I was wishing for enough stability that I could justify a small cow shed and a family cow, I wanted a jersey. Less milk, about right for a family. Richer milk, so there'd be butter and cream. But I learned something else today that nobody ever mentioned in polite company. (Who said this blog was polite company? Nobody, right?)

Jerseys poop less.

A neighbor milks Jerseys. They've taken in some loaner Holsteins. And they say the new cows poop like crazy. They say it takes twice as long to clean the barn after milking now that they've added a few Holsteins. Another reason to keep a Jersey on my wish list.

Of course, when I asked last week at town hall about regulations regarding chickens, they told me "No livestock on less than three acres." So I guess my Jersey continues to live only in my dreams.


  1. Apparently in Seattle (the city and surrounding areas) you can have 3 chickens and a goat in your yard. Perhaps you should move to Washington... :) Then Katie and Nathan might follow... and perhaps Rachel and Matt... hey the whole family could come out here! We could make it a party... and you guys could have a little farm of sorts! I guess then you would be missing Pastor at Peace... The church we are joining out here is called Peace Lutheran Church, and he uses the Congregation at Prayer. :) It's nice.

  2. I'm glad you're liking the new church, and the job prospect at the preschool sounds great. But moving away from our parents right now doesn't sound like the best plan...

  3. So I'm thinking if you got a small minature cow of one of those bitty specialty breeds, she'd be equal to a 1/4 cow, so you should be able to keep her on 3/4 acre, right? Of course!

  4. Somehow I suspect 1/4 of a cow counts as more than 6 chickens. And chickens aren't allowed either. You don't suppose I could tame the wild turkeys and get them to hang around the yard more, and maybe lay eggs in a convenient spot?