Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back Home

Many loads of laundry.
Recuperating from driving through Chicago on a Friday afternoon.
Taking stock of where we stand with bread, milk, leftovers to use up, etc.
More time on remedying my computer's trojan horse. (By the way, just in case, don't anybody open attachments that come with my emails unless I tell you I'm sending an attachment and exactly what it is.)
Reading and filing the week's mail.
Hunting up a new place that does engraving.
Catching up on my "sunbathing" by roof-raking and then clearing the deck of snow.
Potluck food for Sunday dinner.
Gary and I discussing parts of our week.
Finally getting around to beginning to work on "Christmas cards."
In need of just sitting with my feet up.


  1. It was so good to see you, but it was too short!

  2. Time with friends is ALWAYS too short. Thanks for having us, and putting up with the last-minute self-invitation!