Friday, September 12, 2008

Next Obama Shocker

The ad came out on Friday. McCain "admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer, can't send an e-mail,..." The AP story about the ad says, "McCain has said he relies on his wife and staff to work the computer for him and that he doesn't use e-mail." And the reason he can't use the internet or send an email is because of the damage to his body, the injuries to his joints, the trauma he sustained when he was a P.O.W.

So, in essence, Obama is mocking McCain for having been repeatedly beaten up by the enemy when he was captured during the war. McCain could've spared himself the beatings, but his honor prevented him from putting himself first and hurting his fellow-soldiers. And now McCain is being mocked for his injuries???

This is just absolutely stunning. I mean, would Obama mock a soldier returned from Iraq for having lost his leg in battle? Would Obama mock a fire-fighter for burn-scars that he wears for having rescued a child from a burning building?

Because this is the exact same thing.
I keep thinking that I can't be shocked any more by the next low-down dirty trick. I keep thinking that they've gone as low as they can go. And yet, they keep coming up with new ones.

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  1. I was thinking about posting on this same topic; now I don't have to!

    I don't know whether this ad was born of nastiness or stupidity, but whichever it is, it doesn't speak very well of the Obama campaign. And it's blatantly ageist--what are they trying to do, alienate everyone over 50?